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North Carolina Community Colleges to Offer Degree in Trucking Operations Management

(Tarheel Wheels, Spring 2016)

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(Surry Community College Success Spotlighting TOM Program, Summer 2017)

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Jerry Waddell

Safety Director

Cargo Transporters, Inc.

Without a doubt, the Transportation industry at home and abroad is vitally important. Statistics show that one out of every five people is employed in some facet of the transportation industry. You could possibly be one of those people. The Transportation industry is the critical supply chain that provides necessary resources of all types to the business world, in times of disaster and to each of our families on a daily basis. With regard to trucking, “if you have it, a truck brought it”.  The industry operates 365 days per year, 24 hours a day. The doors of the Transportation industry are “wide open” for those who are willing to put forth the effort and step up to the challenge. You will enjoy the journey in many ways. To work together successfully with your partners throughout the industry, manage the logistics, deal with personnel, and to contribute to the overall success of the operation, it takes qualified and resourceful people with good work ethics, technical skills and patience. We strive to provide those skills and critical methodology for our clients.

Adam Vaughn instructor SCC.JPG

Adam Vaughn

TOM Program Instructor

Surry Community College

My background was in the automotive industry where I oversaw several technicians and managed many day-to-day operations.  When I began furthering my education, I was intrigued with the field of Logistics and how it applies to so many things in our world.  I have been teaching logistics classes in the Trucking Operations Management program at Surry Community College since August 2017. I have always been interested in trucking and it is fun to teach how logistics and trucking go together.

Sable White.JPG

Sable White

TOM Program Graduate

Surry Community College

I'm Sable White a customer service representative at Southlands Transportation. I work full time and attended TOM Program classes at Surry Community College three nights a week. I never realized how the behind the scenes operations fit together and it's amazing. The TOM classes connect directly to what I do. I can take what I learned and apply it immediately to my job.