Q: Just how many different career opportunities will you find in the trucking industry?

A: Probably many more than you imagine.
Among them are: Safety Manager, Customer Service, Driver Managers, Operations, Dispatch, Fleet Management, Human Resources, Load Planning, Sales, Driver Recruiter, Terminal Manager, Sales Representative, Transportation/Pricing Analyst, Claims Agent...

Job descriptions for several types of trucking industry jobs are below.

Safety Manager

Safety managers are responsible for making sure their truck drivers comply with all laws and regulations for truck transportation, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. He or she documents whether the transportation safety programs are successful and make recommendations for changes.  Safety managers oversee vehicle accident investigations and all record keeping after the investigation is closed. Responsibility for making sure all truck drivers  have safe driving records is also part of their job.

Operations Manager

Ensuring that all operations in the terminal are efficient and cost-effective is the responsibility of the operations manager. She or he must also balance operations decisions to avoid compromising the set level of customer service.

Claims Agent

The claims agent resolves customer claims involving loads that are over or short of what was to be delivered or damaged when received.

Customer Service

Representatives in the customer service department manage relationships with customers by providing information, troubleshooting any issues a customer may be having, supporting the sales team's interactions with current and potential customers and keeping great records on all service engagements with customers. They need to very familiar with all operations within their company, be able to think quickly and share accurate information in a timely fashion.

Driver Recruiter

Driver Recruiter - The Driver Recruiter supports the recruitment process from the application through the hiring process.  He or she communicates with  driver applicants, receives applications, collects the information needed for the hiring decision-making and manages the applicants through the entire process.

Licensing & Permitting

Employees in this department are responsible for ensuring that vehicles are legally able to operate wherever and whenever required. This includes licensing vehicles and maintaining the records necessary to calculate the multitude of taxes and fees imposed on road carriers


The dispatcher schedules drivers to pick up and deliver loads to customers. They must keep accurate records, check the drivers' daily logs for errors or violations and they monitor drivers' working hours and equipment availability.  Keeping track of the weather where drivers are located while identifying potential issues. Intuition and industry knowledge plus computer programs are advantages for those who fill this position.

Transportation/Pricing Analyst

The analyst audits rate bills for accuracy and publishes pricing packages to meet customer’s requirements. She or he determines the company’s lane profitability and approves pricing policies, and applies them to movements

Sales/Fuel Tax Administrator

The administrator is responsible for meeting each jurisdiction's tax requirements maintaining accurate records in the event of a compliance audit.